We have a number of simple ways of charging for our services – an hourly rate, a daily rate, Project fee. A rate can be quoted for Pick ‘n’ Mix services once your needs and requirements have been identified.

All Services will be fully customised to suit your business, your customers, and your budget.

*Let’s Get Mixing*

 Ready-Made Marketing and Business Solutions Mixes

Starter Mix
Super Mix, as Starter Mix plus the following…
Mega Mix, as Super Mix plus the following…
– Website Audit
– Marketing Audit
– Research  & Analysis
– Customised Marketing Strategy – Recommendation Report
– Existing Website Content             (Review and Optimisation)
– Marketing Plans
– Business Coaching
– Business Start-ups
– Sales Training & Development
– Sales Management Training
– Advise on Health & Safety at           work

The Pick N Mix Selection /Create your Brand

– Logo and Brand Design

– Corporate Stationary

– Website Design Advise & Audit

Promote your Business

– Website Optimisation

– Email Marketing

– Local Targeted Marketing

– Sale Training & Development

– E-Commerce Management

Facilities / Estate Management

– Building and Ground Maintenance
– Procurement and Contract Management
– Cleaning
– Catering and Vending
– Health and Safety
– Security
– Utilities and Communications Infrastructure
– Space Management


Hourly Rate

hourlyOur hourly rate is £10p/h. This cost covers working with Bizint Business Intelligence and Marketing.  NOT charged per individual or department. If the work we are doing for you requires more time to complete than we originally quoted for, we simply get on and do it!


Daily Rate

dailyOur official office hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday………although we often work longer hours! We therefore base our daily rate on 8 hours per day and the total is £80.00. We will do our best to estimate the number of hours and/or days required to meet your brief in advance.


A Monthly Retainer

monthlyA large number of the clients choose to outsource their marketing activity on an agreed monthly fee. The agreed monthly fee will cover all marketing initiatives that we deliver in house.