It is the wish of Bizint Business Intelligence and Marketing Solutions Ltd to provide services that meet and exceed the requirements of its customers. We have a documented quality policy and regularly review our quality management systems in order to achieve full compliance to our customer’s requirements and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

A fundamental policy of Bizint Business Intelligence and Marketing Solutions Ltd is to supply the customer with clear and transparent information and terms and conditions of business to ensure there are no surprises to either party. We are confident that our customers appreciate this approach.

Insurance Cover

Public liability cover is held to the value of £20,000,00. Copy certificates are available upon request.

Confidentiality Agreement

Management of our company will ensure that any and all information seen or received relating to the customer’s products, business or employees will be bound a customer confidentiality agreement and not disclosed to any third party, replicated or relayed in any form. We have registered with the Information Commissioner and have agreed to follow their guidelines in this regard.

Company Principals

We have over 4 years combined experience within the industry and the Executive personally oversee all contracts to ensure the customer requirements are met in full.

Company Details

*The Company was formed and incorporated as a limited company in November 2013.

*The Company Registration number is 08768571.

*The Company is not linked to any other company and has no subsidiaries.

Copyright Notification

*Bizint Business Intelligence and Marketing Solutions Ltd. retains copyright on all the text, graphics and trademarks displayed on this site.