We provide competent, committed and attentive operatives to clean your site to the highest standard in the most efficient and productive way. We currently deliver our cleaning services across the London. Our bespoke solutions are designed around you and your needs, ensuring that you get the best possible service for your site.

We are reliable, innovative, and dedicated. We take a proactive approach to our cleaning, anticipating issues and taking pre-emptive measures to ensure your work place is consistently maintained at its best. We bring innovation to our clients through:

  • Processes and equipment
  • Account management
  • Training and continuous refresher training
  • Real time auditing technology

We are constantly looking for the next innovation so that we can bring it to our clients, such as our mobile auditing software which supports your management of the contract and improves communication through regular reports and access to real time information. The software is tailored to your site which ensures that the cleaning specification is maintained and audited to an exceptionally high standard every time, while also reducing paper usage.