Bizint Business Intelligence and Marketing Solutions objective is to deliver the full range of Business services to customers. Its services include Marketing Consultancy, Strategic Planning, Corporate Identity, Facilities Management, Health and Safety, Audits, link building, and media planning. BizInt invests time getting to know the people it works with; evaluating the business, constructing a plan and delivering the plan through its experienced community of specialists. The business offers fantastic service, very reasonable costs and effective and results driven solutions.

Bizint Ltd supplies Marketing and Business solutions that are tailored to each client and planned exactly for their target market. The product and servicerange it offers includes all marketing initiatives, Facilities Management,so the company is a full service Business Solutions and Marketing Business.

Bizint Ltd believes that the one stop shop agency is a thing of the past and hence work with customers strategically, only using their community of specialistsas and when required. This means costs are dramatically reduced and the end product is of the highest quality.